The Scavenged Treasures of a Campus Hunter

An empty (hopefully not for long) media creation lab. Media Creation Lab

Blue Cyc Wall The Cyc wall has always looked like a wave about to crash, waiting for a surfer to ride it.

He was prepared for pictures. I like this guy. Equipment Checkout

Art Gallery The art gallery was one of the first places I visited when I visited Lane for the first time last year. It’s so elegant.

I’d never heard of the Art-O-Mat before this project. It’s very cool! Art-O-Mat

Reference Counter The library is large and busy. The same cannot be said for the Reference Counter.

I’d like to sit in this work of art for a while and just think. Silver Sculpture

Mary Jo Kreindel Mary Jo’s shelves really caught my eye when I found her office, I had to capture them.

The CSE was welcoming, but oddly empty. Center For Student Engagement

Christina Salter Christina was absent when I found her office, so I was forced to take a picture of her door.

2nd floor in 17 is where I spend most of my time between classes. 2nd Floor Commons

Students First Flags The diversity in here is wonderful.

By the time I took this, I was left with an empty construction site. Construction Shot

Wild Card TURKEYS!