Rescources for Media Arts Students at Lane


1. Within the Library of the center building is the Media Creation Lab. This is a place to work on your homework and project MAC use related classes.


2. In building 17 within the Studio Room here you can find the Blue Cyc Wall. How you ever seen a wall this blue!?


3. Now next to Studio Room, down in the hallway to the right, you can find the Equipment checkout counter. Here if you ever need to borrow equipment for your classes homework or projects, this is the place! Also here is one of our classmates enlightened on being in front of the counter, because for some reason it’s that cool.

4.Main Art Gallery

4. Do you love to see other peoples art styles or work? Do you ever feel inspired or jealousy when you see it? Down in the main Art Gallery on campus you can see it all! This picture is only of half the portion of the main art gallery.


5. This is the Art-O-Mat, and for a measly five dollars you can acquire a souvenir, made from students! One souvenir I recommend is I think called, “Sonic-Cow”. The, “Sonic-Cow” is a very interesting, if you know or love Sega’s Mascot character Sonic.


6. This is the Library, located in the center building.


7. Right outside in front of the Health & Wellness building entrance is The Large Silver Sculpture. As of now it’s existence is still shrouded in mystery for most students. Even this majestic Turkey can’t even fathom this enigma of a structure, other than staring at it’s self.


8.) Here we have Mary Jo Kriendel’s office, within the main Art Gallery Building. Right when you enter it’s the first door to the right. She is known to be an art division office specialist.


9. Center for Student Engagement, located on the Center buildings second floor. I can be descriptive on what it is or what it consists of, but I have completely forgotten.


10. If you ever have trouble finding your career of study and have a feeling for love of art and computers. Go to Christina Salter’s Office in Building 1. You might find a possibility in what you want to major in and be able to open doors to opportunities. She is an advisory for Media Arts.

11.Media Creation Lab

11.) Located within building 17 on the second floor, is the Indie Lab. If you need to use a MAC and work on homework or projects, this is the place. Also if you want to hangout with the Author of this blog, I’m usually in or the room next to the indie lab, because that area is my crib.


12. In building 1, there are tons of flags, from many different countries. Being patriotic as I am, on the bottom row of flags there’s America! Also since I like Japan too, there’s its white rectangular flag with a large red disc (representing the sun) in the center, at the top row.


13. Right near the center building, there has been even more Construction and this one is specifically on making a shortcut of stairs. If your class is right next to it be ready to hear a lot of drilling and hammering. Although recently as of now, it has been more quiet.


14. I’m pretty sure you have seen Turkeys multiple times on Campus and on other peoples blogs, but it’s just that they’re so cute and handsome that you see them frequently. I would have taken a more closer shot of this Turkey, but I was succumb to the fear of being attacked, although the turkey was more fixated in attacking its mirrored image reflecting from the silver sculpture.