Essential places every Lane Media Arts student should know!

1.) Swing by the Media Creation Lab, which is favored towards multimedia students with such programs as adobe suites; but is open to the general public! Located within the Library 2nd floor. ( Banana for scale)

2.) The Blue Cyc Wall, used mainly for lighting classes. Some say if you stare at it for long enough, it stares back into you! Located in building 17, first floor. (Banana for scale)

3.) Wanting to use state of the art tech for your class project? Look no further, with the right clearance you can at Equipment Checkout Counter! Located just around the corner of the Blue Cyc Wall in building 17. (Banana for scale)

4.) Come check out your art teacher’s and other staff member’s work at the Art Gallery! (Find the banana for scale on this image, its not as obvious!)

5.) Check out this nifty machine( The Art-O-Mat) and for just “tree-fiddy” – Errr, I mean for just five dollars you can get a souvenir to remember your trip to the Art Gallery. (Banana for scale)

6.)  Looking for a quiet study place? Needing to print? Looking for answers to a life-long question, such as: Why was Avatar the Last Airbender so horrific? Well at The Library you can at least achieve the first two! (Banana for scale)

7.) *Whispering* Ahh crikey, ain’t she a shiela! Here we have a vicious native northern turkey, standing its ground in the middle of the Sculpture; located right outside the Health and Wellness Center. ((NO banana for scale, but you’re going to have to take my word when I tell you this wild animal was about three stories tall and two car lengths wide!!)

8.) Thinking you’re up to the task of entering your own piece to the Art Gallery? Drop by Mary Jo Kreindel’s office, located conveniently in the Art Gallery itself. (No banana for scale)

9.) If you ever want to be more involved with student life, joining a club, or even creating your own; you will want to check out the Center for Student Engagement! Located on the second floor of Center. (Banana for scale)

10.) In 1998, a commando counselor was sent to higher education by the school board for a crime they didn’t commit. This counselor promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Lane county underground. Today, still wanted by the government she survives as a counselor of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find her….maybe you can hire The A-Team Christina Salter!!! Located in building one. (Banana for scale)

11.) This is a shot of The Commons with the opening door leading into the indie lab. This is a nice place to relax and do work in between classes. Located in building 17, second floor. (Banana for scale)

12.) The Students First Building or building 1, is where you can get help with counseling and financial aid! (Banana for scale)

13.) At first glance this construction photo is not that creative, but when you focus on such things as unity, tension, and rhythm; it is oddly not too bad. You can find unity by how the left frame of the photo connects to right by repetition of the ceiling support beams. Tension by how the brown dirt seems to come in from an angle ( not the corner) and points towards the middle of the photo. Rhythm through shaping.

14.) This isn’t that wild, but here’s a picture I took the other day feeding a squirrel on my Spencer’s Butte Hike. I didn’t know whether to feel like a Disney princess or like Kronk from the Emperor’s new groove, but either way they didn’t mind hanging out.