That is Who I Am

Hello fellow people of the internet, my name is Derek, and I’m here to tell you just who I am.

I’ve lived in Oregon almost all my life and traveled to interesting far places like, New York. Hong Kong, and mostly Philippines. I really do love reading Japanese comics called manga and their anime. I joined LCC last fall and at first just doing drawing art related classes and thought about majoring in Graphic Design. I felt most times I spent thinking what I wanted to Major in for sure, but after meeting interesting people about their stories of how they found what they wanted to major in  and talking with my councilor; My conviction lead me to decided to Major into Multimedia.

In my world I used to spend most of my time playing video games and occasionally do a hour run. Now and days, I just don’t play video games, and it feels almost obsolete. Although that doesn’t mean I won’t ever play video games ever again, I will challenge and wish to beat you at a Mario Party game if I must. My hobbies mostly consist of understanding the piano, and I just started recently. I also really enjoy my daily dose of manga/anime, and drawing like american comic/mostly manga style daily consistently for 4 hours. I love drawing and dynamic forms of perspective and seeing other artists drawing style of forms is always fascinating.

10386846_283738301811868_2270588219659685223_nFor the future I hope to brighten my horizon in the MultiMedia field and find specifically what I will find in life as a job that enjoy as “my specialty”. Hopefully I’ll be able to polish my skills and develop new skills, like understanding Digital Arts. If theres a will then theres a way, and with passion their is progress.


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