Joey Johnson In the Lane Community College Multimedia Design Program: Let’s Do This!

     As an actor, dancer, writer, rapper and all around creative individual who was returning to college, I wanted to choose a major that would allow me to further integrate my talents and vision into the realm of film and digital arts. I didn’t want to only audition for projects as much as BE the creator of projects this time around. I have too much to say as an artist to sit back and be a pawn for someone else’s work unless it really speaks to my passion and career trajectory.

     I was born and raised in Eugene, and already familiar with LCC, having attended in 2005 for theater, music, and dance. I chose LCC because I could see, after moving back from New York City in 2014, that this humble yet thriving community college had the connections, networking, and curriculum that I needed to further my career. I know that being a jack of all trades can be somewhat hindering and seemingly unfocused to other professionals, so choosing the Multimedia Design program felt like the most grounded and clear pathway to my multifaceted creative goals.

     Now I feel that my previous work as a performer and experience on film sets with independent films and students at top film schools in the New York area gave me extremely relevant experience, as well as clarified my goals and intentions as an artist and producer. As I continue to further my craft as a performer, I am now learning new skills to be in the driver seat. Soon I will be at the helm of a production team, leading a collaborative effort to completion.

     My spirit animal right now is a spider, weaving an intricate web of ideas, scripts, characters, imagery, music, movement, software, and business in an ever expanding pursuit of turning dreams into reality. This is a truly exciting time for me, and only the beginning.

For more info on me, Joey Johnson, visit my website  thanks!!!

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