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My name is Emily Maricle, I am 25 years old, and I am married. I have two big dogs, a Malamute mix, and a Husky/ Australian shepherd mix. Their names are Jekyl and Hyde. I grew up in Chiloquin Oregon, a small town in southern Oregon. I was home schooled until 8th grade and have been working various jobs since I was 10 years old, working at my aunts truck stop and restaurant. I think the most interesting job I had was working at the casino. I was a slot attendant, which means I was the person paying the jackpots. I finally decided to go to school last winter and was excited to find out about the multimedia design program at Lane.

I work at Lifetouch, the national school photography company. My biggest passion is photography, so I was stoked to get an opportunity to work in that field. With Lifetouch its more production photography, so eventually I would like to move into getting paid for more creative photography. I have a friend who is into special effects makeup, so I hope to collaborate with her as much as I can so we can both start building portfolios. I really enjoy doing portrait photography, and fantasy type photography. I also enjoy making jewelry, watercolor painting, really most art related projects. When I’m done with the multimedia program I would love to jump into working on freelance photography, and hopefully find a job doing something to help me express my creative side.

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  1. Ashley

    OMG I love that you named your dogs Jekyl and Hyde! That’s awesome!! That’s really cool that you make jewelry! One of my friends in high school used to make jewelry as a hobby too.


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