Sp-15 X4 Professional Practices Derek, Purdy

For my professional practice I went to the play, “Angels in America”. I went to play on April 25, 2015. The play was at LCC in the theater area. The other reason I went to this play was, because my girlfriend wanted to go.

One of my friends was in the play as Prior, a gay man who got AIDS from his lover. While watching the play I went though being happy. then sad, then mad, and finally disturbed. The play wasn’t attended for children, what-so-ever! Although I was only able to go to the first part of the play I still enjoyed the play as a whole. The play had some very funny moment, spoiler alert, my favorite was when one the character was eating some hotdogs, and then drinks some petpo bismal, and then drowns that down with some cola. Sounds delicious right? However one of the most disturbing part of the play, it’s when Louis, Prios’ lover, asks to sex in the park with a random guy. I wish I could have skipped that part just because it made me feel uneasy about the whole issue of AIDS.

During the play before Prior dies he sees Prior IV, a straight new york guy, and Prior VIII, a gay powder wig victorian man. I personally liked Prior VIII because the actor did such a good job that he made me laugh so hard that I almost started to hiccup during the play. Overall the play was well written and the actors did a fantastic job. At one point my friend was left out on stage during the second intermission. At first my girlfriend and I thought they would just leave him out there, but then some people came out and got him. Another part that was hilarious was when one of the actors became a old crazy woman on the street. He ended up screaming crazy things to a random person in the crowd.

I enjoyed the lighting effects they did during the play. They went from basic city landscape to psychedelic color. All of the images they use for each scene and for all of the emotions that was happening really sealed in the emotions. One of the scenes had Louis and Prior in the park then switch to Joe who was in a office with his boss. Another was when Harper, Joe’s wife who was having weird thought go through her head and the scenery turned to lava lamp colors. I did find the stage itself a bit unorthodox. The stage had a bunch of steps until you got to the top and where it flatten out. Then on one half had a smaller steps to represent a bed, It was hard to tell.

Over all the play was a great success. The actors were superb, although some of the actors were real actors and not lane students. The music was ok, but could have been better. The lights were great, it really set the mood for each scene. The way it was written was amazing, although there were some uncomfortable parts I wish they would have skipped. Again the play was amazing and I don’t think they could have done a better job.


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