Draw my Life – Short Story “Annie”

So there was this trend on youtube a while back called “Draw My Life”… where you would draw your life on a whiteboard and then narrate to your drawings! I saw one a few weeks ago and really wanted to try it. It’s a lot harder than it seems and there’s so much editing to do 🙁 Before I was finished I thought “This is a neat project but I’m not doing something like this again.” But when I saw the finished product I thought it was pretty spiffy and might consider sometime in the future of doing something like it with a few different approaches/techniques.

The story I wanted to tell is my own! It’s based on how I got my very first dog Annie and the struggled/triumphs we both went through. As a little kid I only ever wanted a dog, and as a dog Annie only ever wanted a person to love! She’s pretty old now, almost fifteen, and is slowing down noticeably. I’m glad I was able to do a tribute for someone so important in my life!

11 thoughts on “Draw my Life – Short Story “Annie”

  1. Marla

    Christa ~ I love this! Your illustrations are wonderful, as is the story. You did a great job on the narration and music tracks as well. Nice job.

  2. Rich Robison

    I was very engaged in the story. Your drawings are simple, yet they tell story beautifully! If you do decide to make another one I’d suggest adding sound effects. I can tell you spent a lot of time on this and it’s impressive.

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