Shinyanigans With Audio Parodies

Nyan Cat Nyantart

For the first couple of days I could not think of a single thing I’d want to blabber on about in order to even start the project to begin with, but I was lucky I talk to my brother often, especially when we go to school together. In a random comment nyan cat spurred into thought and my brain purred with the idea and concept of a parody commercial involving this almighty meme of 2011. With the brainstorming over I could finally get back on track on my goal of accomplishing the assignment. To be honest I might as well have felt like I was goofing off while drafting up the script, I might have been, but the major work was planned to be done in the midst of the night at home. When no one could scurry or hassle or babble in the background. Which failed after my brother stayed up way to late and I ended up falling asleep on the couch where I was going over the script.

To counteract such discouraging results I woke up early and got right to work, easily finishing with enough time to eat ‘breakfast’ and head to school once again with my brother. All an all not a bad time, it was rather quite enjoyable once I was playing with all the audio in Audacity.

By: Olivia VanGorden

Scources: – Toaster sound – dissapointment sound – Nyan Cat music