Annie Voice Over -League of Legends

For this audio assignment I decided to re-do a voice over for a character named Annie from the computer game League of Legends. I have a fondness for the game and wish to work at Riot Studios one day, so I thought I would do something related to that goal! The character Annie is a dark little mage girl who has the powers of fire. When she was even younger she managed to tame a giant Shadow Bear named Tibbers and sealed him into a stuffed bear doll that she can summon at will! Scary.

I think the hardest part of this assignment was figuring out the pitch of the audio and the amplifier. Annie has a very high pitched voice and when you make it too high, it sounded very automated and squeaky. Half the time the entire audio itself was way too loud, but towards the end I think I managed to get everything fairly even… I don’t think I’ll attempt to record something so high again, it hurts your head and throat after a while!

My goal was directed at getting the phrases to sound like a little girl who, though seemed innocent enough, isn’t afraid to set you on fire! It was also difficult to find some sound effects that weren’t super cheesy. In the end I decided to ditch the effort of making it realistic and go for more comedic ideas instead, like adding the human scream. I’m not sure how exactly it pulls together and though I’m not quite sure what I’d do to fix it yet, I know that I would like to make some changes to it once I become more familiar with the audio program itself.

Overall it was a fun project and change of pace. Yay, Tibbers! Grrr!

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