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Craig Jones Wildlife Photography


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After searching the wonderful world-wide web for a professional blog that seemed to fit my interests. I end up finding “Craig Jones Wildlife Photography” blog that had amazing photos of wildlife ranging from small birds up to a talented whale doing a back flip out of the water.

From what I can tell the site looks professionally done, instead of a WordPress like website. I don’t know if there are other websites that can make it look professional as Craig’s blog does.

The quality from Craig’s blog is excellent because, he talk about his time going into the jungle to search for wildlife in their natural environment. Some of the wonderful pictures he took of wildlife were that of the Bengal Tiger. He went to “Ranthambhore National Park” and got some amazing shots of Monkeys, Birds, Deer, and other wildlife.

Craig went to the zoo on his trip and shot pictures of wildlife in a unhappy unnatural environment, some of the shots were of birds that had their feathers falling out due to stress. Others were of the caged tigers, which looked in pain and uncomfortable. As he was taking the picture from “behind the scenes” he had to hold himself back because he felt bad for the mistreatment of the animals and he got those pain and misery in the tigers eyes via the pictures.

As I read and saw more pictures from Craig’s blog, I hope that when I start to get in the same area Craig was in I won’t have to experience the same pain as he did.

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  1. Troy

    There are so many things to photograph in this world. Wild Life is not my interest, but there were photographs that got my interest.

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