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I found a very cool blog called ILLUSTRATION AGE. The URL is http://illustrationage.com/?blogsub=confirmed#blog_subscription-2.  This Blog is about graphic design and illustration.  The reason why I choose ILLUSTRATION AGE, is because how much cool info and links there is on the website.  I actually found this blog on WORDPRESS.  ILLUSTRATION AGE is so interesting that you can totally just get lost into this blog. This blog was created by Andy Miller.  Don’t worry if your wondering if its the annoying comedy rapper also called Andy Miller because its not the rapper.  He is a 28 year old illustrator college graduate.

I highly recommend checking out the artist Anita Goldstein.  The recent drawings by her on ILLUSTRATION AGE have this Japanese influence that’s absolutely amazing.  Anita is a UK graphic designer/illustrator.  The details of the illustration of the girl is incredible.

There is also pod casts on ILLUSTRATION AGE.  The pod casts are called “Creative pep talk”.  I just recently listened to creative pep talk episode 034 $MONEY$. This is a good episode because of the topic.  It sucks that we have to worry about money when it comes to our art but its obviously the harsh truth that we all have to worry about.  Since he’s making money and actually making it happen, I find this episode inspiring.

So I highly recommend checking this blog out if your into graphic design or illustration in any way shape or form.  I know I will be checking out ILLUSTRATION AGE more in the future.  It’s funny because I always thought blogging was people complaining about something.  So I’m glad to find out there is positive and inspirational stuff in blogs.

Again the URL is http://illustrationage.com/2015/04/16/creative-pep-talk-episode-034/

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