Valuable Resources for Media Arts Students @LCC

CAM01326Need a Hughes? Just add hot water!


This is the place to go if you’re ever feeling a little blue.
CAM01322Ever just want to check out for a little bit? These guys will help you with that!
CAM01346Guardian of the Art Gallery. You shall not pass! (But please, do come visit!)
CAM01347What a strange contraption… Come poke at it some time!
CAM01308That homework got you stumped? Yeah, me too.
CAM01350Aliens have visited the health and wellness center. Someone should look into that…
CAM01342A very important room indeed. And hey, look! Figure drawing!
CAM01354What time does your bus come again? Better hurry!
CAM01356Just your friendly Academic Adviser!! 🙂
CAM01333Media Arts Indie Lab. Very fashionable place to get some work done.
CAM01336Ever wonder if you’re in the main building or not? Well, here’s a little flag for you…
CAM01339What a lovely view of campus! Oh, wait…