Babbling about myself

Hello my name is Olivia Van Gorden, 19 years old, and still new to the college scene. A high school graduate of 2014 who is currently attending Lane Community College in order to explore my opportunities. Since high school at Winston Churchill I’ve only become more interested in such things like art and the many skills people employ in order to perfect their craft. I’ve also been readily interested in playing video games and computer games, but because of the game’s art and storytelling I have also gained interest in the possibility of contributing to such a form of art and stories.
I’m not an official multimedia major unfortunately, but only because I’ve just started college, and unsurprisingly I have yet to really plan out what I really want to do with my life. However, if things go well, I’ll have a goal to aim for with more certainty. Even if I’m at Lane Community College for more than two years in the future in order to get started. Currently I hope to have a part in a game company where I can hopefully contribute, enjoy sharing the ups and downs, and struggle with what I believe to be one of my possible passions.

By: Olivia Van Gorden

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  1. Rich Robison

    Welcome Olivia! That’s cool that you aren’t wasting time and jumping right into college. I hope that whatever program you decide to go for that it is something you end up loving as a career.

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