A little something about me


Hey everyone, my name is Derek Purdy and this is a short story about me.

Again, my name is Derek Purdy. I am a second year here at Lane Community College. My main major is the 2-year degree in multimedia. However I am aiming to become an animator.  That has been my dream career for far too long. I live in a hippie dippy town call Eugene located in Oregon. I have an mom, a dad, and a older brother.

Being coming an animator has been a dream of mine ever since i was four years old. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. I was running down stairs, on a Saturday, so I would be able to see my favorite TV show, Pokemon. As a kid, I remembered all 150 Pokemon back then. For some reason Pokemon had a big impact on me as a kid. Pokemon then showed me the world of Manga, Japanese Comics. Manga lead me to the world of Anime. Finally Anime showed me the world of Animations. The whole idea of drawing character and drawing out a story just make me so happy. So far I only made some short animations, but I am working on a big animation. I do however love to film too. Although I never made a “real” video before.

That is a basic run down of who I am.

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