My New Life

Hi, and welcome to my blog.  I’m Marla, and this is a totally new adventure for me.

Up until two weeks ago, I’d been working in the healthcare industry.  Good money but no creativity.  As the left-handed, weird child of my family, I’ve never really fit into normal society, but years of acting classes paid off and I’ve successfully fooled people into thinking I’m a responsible adult for some time. Well, no more.  It’s time to let all the creativity that has been boiling up in me since my childhood overspill its limits and lead me into a new career path.  That is where the Multimedia Design program at LCC comes into play.

I can’t say that my life has been entirely devoid of creativity.  I rediscovered my love of writing a few years ago, and have recently found a new passion in video production, so I plan to focus my studies on audio and video production.  I’m not planning to head to Hollywood anytime soon, but would like to use my new-found skills more locally helping on small independent films and documentaries.  Of course, I may decide that I really like blogging and parlay this new skill into something financially viable.  Who knows.  At this point, all paths are open to me.

There isn’t much to say about me personally.  I’m not the typical college student. I’m a bit older and a bit more jaded generally, but also a bit more enthusiastic about this since it’s a career path I’ve decided on after a number of years doing what I thought a “responsible adult” should do.  As the director Brian Singer once said, “Screw continuity, I’m going for substance.”  So, substance, here I come.  Feel free to revisit my blog to see how this adventure plays out.

By Marla

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  1. Shayne


    My sister is studying health at Cal State North Ridge(PT I believe), she’s very black and white about things so i’m thinking it will be a good fit. I totally think it’s awesome to switch paths, especially far into one. I’ve always been pretty creative, the multimedia design program seemed great. I have a strong love for audio and video production so it’s always fun reading of someone with similar interests. I hope to produce my own music videos and maybe start a free lance production company one day. Feel free to ask me anything a young adult might think about the fast paced media world!

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