Hey there! Nice to meet you.

My name is Rich Robison.  I am a first year student at Lane Community College and am earning an AAS degree in Multimedia Design.  I was born in Pendleton, Oregon but I’ve lived all over the nation.  I’d like to tell you a lot of really interesting things about what I do with myself but honestly, there isn’t much to say.  That’s why I’m in school now trying to change my life in a positive way and learn how to do something I feel passionate about.  I’ve spent most of my life working jobs that I got no enjoyment out of and had no future in.  I’m 31 years old now and it’s time for some change.  I still go to a dead end job everyday that I don’t like but I am bolstered and renewed by the knowledge that in just a couple of years I will possess the skills and knowledge to finally move on to something better that I will actually enjoy doing.


I chose media arts because I have always loved film and wanted to be a part of it.  I’ve gone through a big range of “What do I wanna be when I grow up?”  I’ve daydreamed about being a comedian, an actor, a video game designer, a director, the list goes on.  About a year ago I took a non credit course at Rogue Community College in Medford, Oregon and for the final project I created a video.  I had an absolute blast on that assignment!  I got to see how fun and challenging it is to organize, develop, and produce something like that.  I also saw how it brings people together in an immense and impressive team effort, as all of my classmates, co-workers, and friends contributed to the project.  Though it is extremely amateur at best, it has led me into this program and I am extremely grateful for, and proud of it.  Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out.

7 thoughts on “Hey there! Nice to meet you.

  1. christaantoniak

    Hey that’s cool – I want to go into the video field too, except you look like you want to go into a way different part of it. Still it seems like you have a passion. That’s good! Maybe we’ll work together some day :p You can direct and I can be on the pre production team. Wooo, contacts!

  2. Rich Robison

    Ok Teresa, I have replied/commented on posts from Adam, Lynne, Marla, Christa, Cory, and Franco. Some of these are comments on WordPress and some are direct replies on the class blog.

  3. Alden

    It sounds like the Multimedia degree was a good decision. I’v been in the program for a year now and it has opened my eyes to a lot of fun job careers that will actually be fun and worth your time.

    Have fun,

    Alden Elias

  4. Olivia

    That video was well thought out and easily entertaining. Wish you luck on getting into a job you want instead of staying in a dead end one!

  5. hughest

    Sounds like you are on track here at LCC Media Arts…you are surrounded by others who share the same passion for the biz. Have fun!

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