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Hi, my name is Aaron Love. My love for art started at the age of twelve when i got my first camera.  I instantly fell in love with photography as soon as i took my first photo, from that point on I’ve been making art using various mediums (going on fifteen years). My love for art eventually pushed me towards comic books and graphic novels.  The artwork and layouts blew my mind and from then on I was on a life path. I decided from that point on I would find a career doing what i love, and I wanted that career to encompass as many things that i love as possible. Graphic design is just that layouts, photography, logo design, creativity, typography, art, etc. I’m in my third year at Lane Community College after a two year hiatus. I’m a Graphic Design major with an emphasis on multimedia/web design. I have a passion for photography, animation, web/graphic design, as well as video production and traditional art (drawing, painting, etc). I am currently finishing up my one year Multimedia Design certificate and working on trying to get accepted into the second year Graphic Design program here at Lane Community College.

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