Yet another project completed!

What I was trying to accomplish is to create a visual representation of what the number 5 means to me. Using various tools at my disposal such as the internet, iMovie, and my own imagination I was able to piece together a piece that I am truly proud of. A way I can explain why I did what I did is to explain using the Tarot.

  1. Ace of Swords reversed: The reversed Ace of Swords card generally means that one must be wary of illusions.

The Darkness can reach into our most primal fears and can cause illusions such as the feeling you are being watched or that maybe something is after you.

  1. Knight of Swords reversed: When you travel be prepared to spend a much longer time in your journey.

Immortal, having eternal life….Life is a journey that begins when we are born and becomes even more intense when we die and pass to the new life. So either being immortal in the physical sense or in the spiritual sense is up to fate.

  1. 5 of Wands: Your need to believe in yourself is stronger

Invincible, nothing in this world can harm you…Or can it? Invincibility is not something meant for us humans despite us trying to act like it does with our rash thinking.

  1. The Tower: Having to pay attention to what you are doing in all situations in more important than ever now. Your nerves may be frayed and your mind in chaos, do what you must to stay calm.

Insanity is a harsh and uncaring mistress that haunts your mind, body, and soul….Those whispers in the dark, those shadows you may see on the wall….

  1. 10 of Swords: Can you trust in what someone is telling you? Can you trust in the situation at hand? No

When one is lost in the dark woods and they hear a voice telling you to go a certain direction…Our first instinct is to believe them and go because of primal fear of what’s out there…But be very wary for they may lead you to a pack of hungry wolves.

The main idea I was trying to convey is to be wary of what you do in life and what may come….Be strong and do not allow the “What Ifs” to rule your life.