Fencing has become a passion of mine and I just wanted to convey that through this video, when I was a kid younger than I am now I wanted to sword fight if anything I wanted to be a samurai, but when I took kendo I felt kinda hollow so with that skill set aside I planned to do something that could fill my emptied self, something to fill the void, this term I came across fencing and instantly felt overjoyed each still shot has or picture has something to do with fencing,

1 beginning of video: LCC’s facebook page profile picture

2 is the type of basic moves you can do

3 the four basic equipment you need to fence Mask, Vest, Foil, Glove, the fifth is not pictured The Lemma

4 the scoring board

5 a fencer saluting (a very fitting image to end the video with)

thanks and please enjoy the video 😀