When You Were 5 Years Old

My friends were some pretty cute kids, and right away I knew that I wanted to make my project about 5 year olds. I rallied up 5 of my friends and sat them down for about 2 minutes each. In the beginning, I wanted this video to be more sentimental, but after watching my favorite video, –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBxpcNhIAdY&list=LLRspEhA8G7hXy2KOGB8XDlg&index=1 I decided to take a more sarcastic approach.

This project was surprisingly easy for me. Once I explored the features of my new baby camera, I had so much fun filming and experimenting with different shots. Trust me, I am NO iMovie expert. Whatsoever. Like, mediocre at best. But somehow I filmed and edited this video in one day.

I am extremely satisfied with what I produced, and I laugh every time I watch it. Hopefully my friends like it just as much!