The Five Elements (P5 Image Editing)

This short video is all about the Five Chinese Elements. When I first thought about the number 5, I started to think about the different types of Pokemon or the different elements from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Basically the five main natural forces that make up the world. So I found that there are 5 central elements that make up the world that the Chinese have defined as Fire, Metal, Water, Wood, and Earth. Each of these elements affect each other and work with each other and that makes up life.

In this video, I first set up what the element looks like in nature or how you would naturally come upon it. Then, I showed how the element affects us or is used in our daily lives. How every element works together to create what our life is. I put Eastern Chime music to the video to give it a Chinese theme because I based my video on the Chinese elements.

1 thought on “The Five Elements (P5 Image Editing)

  1. Alan Thompson

    Hey Wesley.great job on the video, it had a very cohesive feeling with the images and music you chose. I’m a sucker for oriental themed nature stuff. Shot variety really made the video shine to. Keep I up!

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