So in P5, we had to make a video correlating with what 5 meant to you. The only thing that came to mind was things that I have noticed Oregon residents do differently than California residents. I thought it would be funny to film what I had noticed and possibly show the differences. But with the time cap @ 2:00 I realized this wasn’t going to all fit. SOOO….I just took the original footage of doing Oregon fun stuff and just made the video instead! As far as older videos before this class, I never took into account the whole “music copyright” thing because I didn’t think my videos were of that caliber to be noticed or get in trouble for. With that, I had to make my own music/loop for the video which was challenging/fun/frustrating/rewarding.

SPOILER ALERT: The music only consisted of 5 loops.


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  1. Alan Thompson

    Nice video! I thought the Oregon driving bit was hilarious. You had a nice mix of shots which worked well. Keep it up!

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