5 Activities Filmed With My GoPro Camera

Project #5 required us to combine pictures or video with music and sound efx while exploring the concept of “5”. I had a hard time at first coming up with an idea for this project but after I learned that we could use footage recorded with a GoPro camera I got really excited about it because I own a GoPro Hero 2 camera that I had already recorded quite a bit of footage with on the various trips and explorations that I have been on.

This video is basically a list of 5 activities that I have done where I recorded footage on my GoPro camera. I use it mainly for ATV riding because that is one of my favorite hobbies and I like to document the locations I go to and explore. So I wanted that to be the focused segment of the video. The other activities especially fair rides and bicycling were harder to get footage for. The bicycling activity was sort of a “last minute” idea because I needed 1 more to make 5 activities. So with the weather being as nice as it was this last weekend I decided it would be fun to drag my old bike out and go ride the Dorena trail down in Cottage Grove.

I enjoyed working on this project a lot! From going out and recording to producing the video and choosing the music, it was all really fun to see come together. I hope you all enjoy!