The Sites of Imagination at LCC

The Door to Imagination…sorta

The Admin. Coordinator of Imagination…sorta2015/01/img_1571.jpg

The Hallway Gallery of Imagination…yeah that fits 2015/01/img_1570.jpg

The Boat station of Imagination…this is getting lame 2015/01/img_1569.jpg

The Imagination Pathfinder’s nameplate2015/01/img_1568.jpg

The Flags of our Father’s….that’s relevant right??2015/01/img_1567.jpg

The Tools of Imagination!!!2015/01/img_1554.jpg

Studio blue!!!!2015/01/img_1553.jpg

The ART-O-MAT!!!!  because reasons.2015/01/img_1548.jpg

A construction site…not much imagination needed here it is what it is.

The reference desk for the library, don’t mind the blurriness, I wanted you to see how I see…I’m more blind than this 😀2015/01/img_1551.jpg

FUEL FOR THOUGHT!!! The Indie lab for imagination!!2015/01/img_1552.jpg

The final piece of our imagination tour is this thing. don’t know what it is…it’s shiny though 😀2015/01/img_1546.jpgI’m gonna be honest, I’m not sure if any of this makes sense but, Yep.

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