A Little Bit About Me

Hey there! This is my very first time on WordPress, so I am excited to read everyone else’s blogs and get to know a little about them. A few things about me: my name is Brendan MacDonald, I was born and lived in Eugene for 12 years before moving to Grants Pass. I graduated High School in Grants Pass before moving back up to Eugene to enroll at Lane Community College. So far I have completed 3 years at Lane and have been studying the Multimedia field. My goal is to graduate this year with an AAOT degree and hopefully have discovered a career within Multimedia to pursue. In my free time I enjoy ATV riding, adventures with my family and friends. I have an identical twin brother who also attends Lane and is in the same program as me. He is also in the same class so if you have read his blog already, reading mine is probably going to feel like history repeating itself (Lol)! We have almost everything in common. He is crazy about exploring and going on hikes in the woods and I accompany him on all his adventures! Some other things I enjoy are video games, movies, and taking/editing pictures and videos.

I look forward to reading my fellow classmates blogs and getting to know a little bit about them! This class is so far very interesting and I hope to gain more insight of the possible career opportunities in Multimedia from it!

Thanks for reading!


My brother Ian and I.

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