P6 Final Project – Light Painting

This project was a lot of fun and mostly came from experimenting with different light painting techniques as well as learning my way around Adobe Premiere. Originally I had much different plans for this project but they were still in the realms of producing a video to accompany music made by friends. Due to a series of unfortunate events I turned my focus on creating hundreds of light painting stills using different techniques and then bringing them together in premiere to produce a continuous video from the stills. I used my Nikon D3200 with stock lens to take the photos. My partner and myself had a lot of fun with the light painting shots and once we got started the ideas were coming at an incredible rate and we needed to recruit more bodies to execute them. We were able to include the kids in this process which was great fun for them although I can’t help but wonder what passing people might have thought as it may have appeared we were having our own rave in the park with a bunch of kiddos hopped up on candy canes. Some of the shots didn’t make the cut this time around because they were still a bit experimental and needed perfecting so there will definitely be more trials and perfecting to this art form in the future. I was fortunate enough to have a friend that could put down a music track relatively quickly although originally my plan was to have the video accompanied by the full band, the guitarist and Garageband worked out well. The hardest part of this project was my computer crashing in final edit and having to start the whole editing process again, thank goodness I still had all the camera shots.  I have definitely learned so much from this process in so many aspects. It has triggered an urge and desire to expand and refine in the future.