P6 Final Project

To sum up my experience, is difficult. I learned so much, and Teresa Hughes inspired us all so much, while the class moved so fast that sometime  I think I my brain couldn’t contain it all. My appreciation of media as art, and art as media grew and took on a different perspective as I challenged myself to come up with what I thought was interesting imagery in my creations.

This final project started as one thing and evolved into something else… a visual collage of images that touched my heart and told my own story of how much I love my pets/animals and how I think others who have pets know that same feeling.

I tried to show how close we get to our pets and how they are the only thing on this planet that give us unconditional love, no matter what we may do to them (you know some people should not have pets, but that’s another story).

Anyway… This is how we enjoy them and how they give back without words so many messages that we are their world. I thank them for being there, everyday… and if you’re a pet owner, you do too.

IMA-F14-fleeks,bobby-P6 Final Project