P6 Final Project


My journey in making this film was much easier than my first time.  The difficulty in interviewing people is that you do not have absolute control over what people are going to say and do. It is much easier to work with some sort of script.  My first ever person I  interviewed was Che from Korea.  It was difficult with our language barrier, but his response to the questions were so good I didn’t want to edit him out.  I was filming with a Ipad hooked onto a microphone stand.  The weight of the Ipad kept making it slip down so I had to hold it with one hand while interviewing him.  Aseme is from Saudi Arabia he also had some good responses.  Marty is my neighbor, and Thomas was a homeless person.  Mat is right we all are looking for a tribe.  Weather became a problem and some of it had to be shot between rain showers.

The subject of Community is one of most passionate things I care about.  I believe it is possible but it does take a long time to effect any change.  Hannah is right it takes a person, even if it is behind the scene, to organize a space, a time and make sure people have something to eat or drink.  It is often over looked but it is essential.  My delight was that most of the people I met had an opinion about the subject.  I am looking forward to my next project as a way of sharping my skills in film  making.




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