P5 – Image Editing

Here is my video I made for Project 5. The given subject was 5, so I thought of having the actual number 5 appear throughout the video without meaning anything too specific. I thought of how the number 5 is present in my everyday life. Time and speed soon came to my mind as things often segmented into increments of 5s. Sports and music are also present in my life and can include 5s as well.

Overall, I am happy with how it turned out. I don’t have too much experience with shooting video, but things went pretty smooth while filming. I ended up shooting a lot of the scenes at night which made some things hard to see while filming without the proper lighting. I think the dim lighting ended up working well for the car and street scenes to highlight just the 5s. It also fit in with the 5 a.m. setting. I thought about having a few more transition scenes like from the house to the car, but I didn’t see any way to put a new 5 in there, so I kept it straight forward going one five to the next.

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