P5 Image Editing

By: EJ Olson



For this project, I wanted to do something ambiguous so as to let the viewer interpret the video the way they saw fit—that’s always my goal when creating something. I want the audience to come away thinking about what they just consumed.

I especially wanted to emphasize the melancholy in this scene, thus the black and white footage and the mellow audio. I envisioned someone coming home late at night, depressed and turning to the only two things they think they have—bad habits and music. The effects used during the pan across the vinyl records are used to help establish a sense of the passage of time, as if this were taking place over the course of a whole evening.

This was my first time using Adobe Premiere, so it was a good learning experience for me. Premiere is not only deeper than the video editing software I’ve used in the past, but also exponentially more complex. Simple things, such as adding a title sequence and inserting the fade effects, were difficult to employ at first. It was gratifying, though, to learn the ins and outs and produce a piece of work, even if it’s only 40 seconds long!

Notice the volume of the stereo and the number of records listened to that evening.

Artist: Explosions In The Sky
Album: All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
Song: What Do You Go Home To?