The Fox and the Cat – a Short Audio Project


20140704-cat fox best

In this small project I recorded, using Audacity, my narration of one of Aesop’s many fables, titled “The Fox and the Cat”. I also included background music and sound effects to enhance the story, courtesy of The process of creating the project took some figuring out, but it did not take long to get the basics down. I was always interested in Aesop and the methods he used to teach people, and of how simple yet powerful his fables really were. This particular fable’s mural caught my eye: that better one safe way, then many others that you cannot reckon, meaning it’s better to pick from one safe choice than from many other choices that you are unsure of… at least that’s how I interpreted it. Hopefully my mediocre voice acting in this project does not cause your ears to bleed.