P4 Audio


I am wont to use my own writing for projects like this. My first choice, a poem called “Marxist Bookstore, Chicago, 1962,” was actually too long. This one is a bit too short.

I wrote “My Crazy, Curly Son” when my #2 son was crazy and curly and two-years-old He is still crazy and curly, but is now 13-years-old and calls his older brother a jack ass hole. I had originally wanted to end this recording with a clip of them fighting. Of course, when I actually wanted them to be fighting, there were generally civil to each other and they gave me nothing to use. Hence the overuse of cloying music.

I first used Audacity for a Multimedia for Education class in 2007. It vexed me then, vexed me when I have used it since, and it vexes me now. I can hear in my mind’s ear what I want; getting there is another adventure.