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IMG_0412I’m usually not that good about talking about myself but I think this a good time to talk about things that I have thought about for some time.  I would also like to introduce you to my art.  It has been influenced by many things.  I have been doing art for about forty years,  But I have only being doing it serious for about  15 years.

My journey started in 1974, when  I was a business major and finishing up a degree at Clackamas Community College.  I had to take an elective so I decided to take Chinese Water Color.  The instructor had just came from Peking and was not able to communicate very well in English.  His painting however was magical.  It sort of stuck as an art form because it was so spontaneous.   Later when my children were in kindergarten they needed someone to help with art.  I taught them the Chinese technique.  So every year after that I went into their classes and taught art until they were in High School.  After my son graduated from A3, the teacher asked me to come back and teach the class.

One of the things that happened through the journey was, I found that kids did what I consider pretty good art until middle school.  It was then I began to hear excuses oh I am not an artist.  This has formed my opinion that the identity of being an artist is not as important as expressing yourself through art.