Show and Tell

It’s a joy keeping you informed on my photographic activities and showing a well composed photograph can be a emotional experience! We’re all talking and show our lives and giving a perspective of who we are, by what we dare to show and express. I give everyone kudos because this is not an easy task as it seems and letting one’s self be shown with all their writing flaws and unbared emotional content, we may all be surprised to find who each of us really is! So enjoy and blog on!

Show N Tell Day

Show N Tell Day

_MG_2332 It was “show and Tell” day in both of my classes today. In Basic Design, we had to show out work as well and I was surprised at all the talent in the room. Below, is what I have to draw over the week-end. Sheesh! IMG_2273 Like to get shots of past instructors doing what they do. Dan Welton, my Photography 1 instruction is the guy who inspired me to become a real photography, and try to make money at this craft.  I think he did a pretty good job of creating a super photographer in me, although the grade he gave me for not finishing all my work in his class would not reflect that talent. I’ll have to take it over, but that’s okay. I just like be around Dan and listening to his photo wisdom is pretty cool! _MG_2340 _MG_2348 Below is where I work for Lane Community College, at the Media Services Center. It where all the stuff you see on Channel 23 is programmed. Also the broadcasting from KLCC radio that you hear on the channel is done when we are not broadcasting. IMG_2279 _MG_2347 Here, Dan saw me walk by and snapped me, as I snapped him! Now that was cool! Art-o-matic _MG_2350 Happy Tuesday, Bloggers!

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