About me


My name is Anthony I have been trying to find my niche in the Digital Design field or rather find a focus in the field. I enjoy and have the most experience in Digital Photography. But have done graphic and web design as well and think that Web Design is a good place to focus. That will integrate photography as well as graphic design and require many different disciplines in the digital field. I am definitely going for the Multi Media Design degree as well as the Web Design Certificate. versatility in this field is indispensable and necessary for success in my opinion in the Digital design field. I have spoken to many people in the industry and have never once been told that you can learn too much about all that is involved in the creative process even art history going to art shows finding inspiration it is practically a way of life not just a job. The learning process never ends from new technology to just how an individual changes with time how they view themselves and the world around them finding a way to show what you see your interpretation of the world around us.