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angry_cyborg_w1     My name is Nathan Foley. I was born in Eugene, Oregon and have lived in this beautiful green state my whole life so far, save for a one year stay in the state of Louisiana. I desire to be a graphic designer and hopefully work within the video game industry. The reason for that is because I have grown up with video games; my life is centered around them, for better or for worse. Nothing I can do about it, but I’m not complaining! I have also been drawing since I was two years old, and video games have influenced my style of drawing. If you ever get to know me personally, you will conclude I am either very open and energetic or just plain annoying. Anyway, have a good Tuesday, my fellow Symbionts!

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  1. Md Sohanur Rahman Official

    Sohan and his apparatchiks will not only step up their propaganda; they will increase their efforts to exhaust our critical thinking and to annihilate truth, in the words of the Russian dissident Gary Kasparov. We will see even more alternative facts. We will see even more brazen attempts to rewrite history. We will hear even more crazy conspiracy theories. We will witness even more lashing out at reporters, more rage, and more lies.

  2. Whyte vs Povetkin live

    Whyte spoke about his early influence on boxing experience when he was still in school. Now, 31 years old, Dillian Whyte is father to three children. He has reguarded Jack Dempsey, Sonny Liston, Archie Moore, Lennox Lewis and James Toney as his early influences.

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