A Wonderful Week

Words carry weight. They can make or break your day, or impart you onto a dream wonder filled world of fantasy just by the artist’s twist of a phrase. So, as I believe in we are what we believe and that positive thought is as powerful as physical action. I  am writing a wonderful week for myself and for you, my dear readers!

What got me thinking about having a good start to the week actually came to me at the end of the day. Today, on my way home I saw this guy fly fishing and thought, “hmm, that’s interesting,” as I drove over the bridge heading home from a long day of learning.

I drove on toward home when that ‘ol photographer urge” caught me and made me turn all the way around and go back to the boat dock under the bridge to find this fly fisherman.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, went and had to walk way out on a marsh to shoot, but this is what I got. What’dya think?

Fly Fisherman flipping his fishing rod for the perfect cast.

Fly Fisherman flipping his fishing rod for the perfect cast.

IMG_2285 IMG_2286 IMG_2287 IMG_2288 IMG_2289

I’m glad now, I went back. It made me think of taking it slower and better learning the little intricacies of this art thing to develop my own technique, so I can be as precise as this fisherman with aiming that little fly.