Free Lou Reed imagefree v.u. imageLou Reed was a rock musician who died recently at the age of 71. He was the leader , co-founder, singer/songwriter and guitarist of the late 1960’s New York band, The Velvet Underground. Although, the group only had a 4 year lifespan and did n’t sell many records; they managed to become one of the most influential bands of all time ,giving birth to many new groups and inspiring, many old ones. Lou’s songs were often tales from the city and the reality he and the group were living and experiencing at the time. The subject matter in those songs often dealt with sin and salvation, art and violence, order and chaos and how to survive in a world that might just try to kill you. But there was also so much love and beauty  as well. Melodies that could sweep you away to another place or place you right in the middle of the story. After V.U. disbanded, Reed continued to pursue music with a solo career lasting more than thirty years.Some memorable records from that time are Transformer(with David Bowie), Berlin(the saddest record ever made),and of course the New York album.Lou Reeds influence will continue and his songs will always be here to stay. Thanks Lou!                 http://www.loureed.com/inmemoriam/         

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