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LaneOnline Course Development Orientation

New opportunity to learn about how to apply for funding (up to 80 hours) and support for online course development!  You must attend an orientation in order to apply for funding.  If you are not able to make a scheduled orientation please contact us at to discuss options.

Current Spring Term Orientations:

Week 7: Friday, May 17 3pm in ATC Classroom (CEN/219)

Week 7 Registration: Please complete (10second) registration so we can anticipate participation.

Week 8: Friday, May 24 1pm in ATC Classroom (CEN/219)

Week 9: TBD

Interested in Teaching Online

Following (from a computer) the OLC Innovate 2019 conference this week – more specifically the tweets from @alexpickett, Director Online Teaching at Open SUNY.  I am happy to have found Open SUNY offering a FREE (openly licensed for you OER buffs) course on Interested in Teaching Online?

“This course is designed to introduce you to teaching online – the concepts, competencies, pedagogies, and practices that are required to plan, develop, and teach an online course. Along with introducing you to these key topics, this course will showcase the perspectives of students, faculty, and instructional designers who have a wide range of experience teaching and learning online.” 

If you are interested in teaching online – or if you have been teaching online and want to widen your understanding of the landscape I highly encourage you to check this course out.  Upon completion, you will earn a badge that you can use to show off your mad online teaching skills to help land more gigs or claim bragging rights!

Want more specific online courses offered through LaneOnline Instructional Design Services visit our list of offerings in Online Instruction training.

Getting Started with Online Course Instruction

Online training available!  The Instructional Design team has released Getting Started with Online Course Design.  This course is an introductory course to teaching online at Lane Community College.  This course is highly recommended for instructors who are new to teaching online and/or instructors who would like a refresher on online teaching strategies.  All interested LCC faculty can join!

Being an effective, online instructor requires a set of skills that are similar to those required in the face-to-face classroom. The online instructor must be able to build community while having little to no face-to-face contact, offer clear, regular (weekly), and informative feedback, communicate effectively in a medium that lacks body language and tone of voice, as well as use instructional strategies that are independent of time and space to support student learning. The added aspect of the required technologies, like the Learning Management System (LMS)/Moodle, also comes into play.

This course will introduce you to the many facets of online instruction as you build skills in four areas: technical, managerial, social, and pedagogical. Finally, to synthesize all you have learned, you will build an instructional Checklist to help guide your ongoing online instructional needs.

Course Outcomes

  • Articulate the principles and best practices of online course instruction.
  • Mold course participants into effective online learners by understanding learning styles and teaching strategies to meet their needs.
  • Encourage participation in the online environment using best practices and through a variety of online tools.
  • Enhance and strengthen online learning by using different instructional strategies and creating interactive course components that foster collaboration.
  • Follow strategies for managing your time using tools and effective classroom management strategies to help organize and maintain the online classroom.
  • Identify assessment and feedback strategies, tools to support assessment, grading, and prevention of plagiarism in the online environment.

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