Get Ready for Online Readiness!

Online Student Readiness is a passion project of mine. (Others have hobbies, I hear). There are dozens of factors that have an impact on whether a student can succeed in an online course in any given term, and only a few of these are within the control of the college. One of these is whether we’re setting students up for success in online by providing training in the skills that the online medium requires.

The short summary:

Starting in Winter 2019, faculty can add our Readiness survey or any one of six individual modules to their classes, refer students to a Moodle “course” that takes an hour and will help prepare students for online, or refer students (through Week 2) to a credit-level Effective Online Learning course to help them succeed in online. This post covers the surveys and modules.

Here are links to all of these resources:

The background:

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