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How can Moodle help our courses be flexible to student needs?

We have learned in the Inclusive Teaching at Lane series that “course policies should be flexible and welcoming for all students, allowing for mistakes, external challenges, learning, and growth”.

Assignment > User Override

Within your activity or quiz you will see user overrides.

Allow extended deadlines for specific students or a group of students.

Quiz > User Override

Require a password, extend deadlines, and/or adjust a time limit.

Moodle Philosophy and UDL

Moodle is built on a “Social Constructionist” pedagogy, where participants can be encouraged to construct something for other classmates to use and experience. This pedagogy in the core of Moodle offers a lot of resemblance to Universal Design for Learning. UDL allows students to express their knowledge in many different ways.

Here are a couple of ideas we can use in Moodle:

  • Choice: Ask a question and allow your student’s responses to build a graphic (anonymously or not).
  • Database: participants create and maintain a spreadsheet of student entries.
  • Forum: Provides a place for student-to-student discussion
    • Tip: Assign students to moderate or even create the discussions prompt and directions.
  • Glossary: (a personal favorite) use this in a number of different ways:
    • students create a list of definitions
    • Tip: These pages can include images, videos, links, text – essentially everything you find in the ATTO editor. Not limited to definitions!
  • Quiz: Allow students to receive instant feedback.
    • Tip: changing the local role in the quiz activity to allow students to create quiz questions. Then let students take each other’s quizzes. The best questions might be found on midterm/final.
  • Wiki: An oldie, but still a goodie – similar to glossary individuals or groups of students can create and maintain pages.
    • Tip: If interested in using Wikis – consider using Google suite instead.
  • Workshop: One of the most robust tools in Moodle to allow for student-to-student collaboration. The workshop is like a 3 phase assignment that includes a phase of peer review.
    • Tip: Not for a beginner.

What are your ideas? How do you allow for flexibility in your course?