Get Ready Now: Collect homework remotely

If you pick up papers, workbooks, assignments, or other physical materials in class, make a plan for how to receive that work before a campus closure.

Need to gather up assignments, but not sure how to do it (or how to help students)? It’s never too early to try a practice run at collecting assignments virtually! Here are a few ways you can get student work without making students come to campus:

  1. Use a Moodle assignment. These allow for uploads of multiple files, and many kinds of files, in a secure way that’s attached to your online gradebook. As a bonus, you’ll have all of your grading in one place!
  2. Create a shared Drive folder. If it’s OK for students to see other students’ work, you can create a shared Drive folder and ask students to upload work there.
  3. Have students share/send individual files or folders with you through Google Drive.
  4. Receive files by email, either as attachments or as in-body text. 
  5. Ask students to send photos of their work: If you need to see hand-written work (like a workbook or drawing assignment), asking students to use their phones to capture it may be a good solution. Images can be emailed or uploaded to Moodle.
  6. Ask students to share short videos of their work where it’s productive — all students have access to a YouTube account through their Lane Google account. They can also share videos through Drive if they don’t want to post to the open web.
  7. Take work by phone: If you have an oral report due, consider whether a voicemail might suffice. You can collect your office voice mail from anywhere.


  • If you’re taking assignments by email, ask students to include your course number in the subject line.
  • Ask students to save files with their name and the assignment as the file name. 
  • If you receive a file you can’t open, contact the ATC for help in converting the file, or try opening it in Google Drive. 
  • Keep student work confidential – make sure students review the privacy settings on anything they post to YouTube.

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