Get Ready Now: Check with your neighbors

Talk with colleagues near and far to get the best ideas of what’s already happening and what you can borrow for remote learning.

Do you have great tools or ideas about remote learning? Comment with them below, or e-mail us to add to tomorrow’s Crowd-Sourced Resources Post.

Individual disciplines may have different challenges in preparing for remote teaching. While an essay may be a natural fit to collect online or by email, a lab exercise can be a challenge to duplicate. Your ATC colleagues are ready to help untangle these challenges – but you may find solutions already exist even closer by!

Check in with department and discipline colleagues to find out if anyone has solutions you can try. Students, too, may be a good resource here: What technology have they used in other classes, or to supplement studying, that could be shared online with others? If there’s a video series, lab workbook, simulation, or app that could smooth the way, now’s the time to discover.

Check in with your professional organizations, as well. Many teaching-oriented groups have current special interest groups around online learning or pedagogy that might offer tips. You can also observe what technology is in use for virtual meetings.

Finally, if you regularly use online networks or social media for professional purposes, look for groups or hashtags where educators are sharing ideas, best practices, or recent good technology finds. These often pop up regionally when weather or health emergencies are incoming.


  • Remember to vet any software before using and certainly before suggesting a download to students. Consult the ATC if you have questions!

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