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My name is Ce Rosenow, and I started this blog while serving as the faculty coordinator for the Lane Honors Program at Lane Community College. 

In helping to develop the program, I drew on my background in honors at the University of Oregon’s Robert D. Clark Honors College (CHC). For six years, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Literature. In this capacity, I taught upper and lower division classes, advised students, worked on admissions, and served on more than thirty thesis committees. This experience gave me insights into what it means to provide honors education at a four-year liberal arts college that is part of a larger research university. Working on a program for Lane meant adapting that knowledge for a two-year, open enrollment college. 

I also used my participation in the National Collegiate Honors Council to help build the program and maintain it. Attending the annual conferences, serving on committees, and reading the NCHC publications all contributed to the way our program developed and functioned. 

I have used this blog as a way to continue my inquiry into honors education as we moved from building our program to sustaining it and now, sadly, to seeing its final year.

In spring 2017, the college decided to eliminate the Lane Honors Program due to budget constraints. For the past year, I focused primarily on moving the last students through the program. I maintained this blog to document that process and the limited discussions of keeping some sort of honors academic opportunities at Lane.

In early spring 2018, the college decided to keep the Honors Program. We are now engaged in restructuring it. I’ll post more about that restructuring as details become available.

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