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Misappropriated Tropes: Backlash masquerading as budget cuts Backlash masquerading as budget cuts ARTICLE | MAY 25, 2017 – 12:00AM | BY MARK HARRIS When a trope or metaphor gets popularly misappropriated due to cultural transference, problems ensue. Two examples often used in mainstream Western culture are “low man on the totem pole” and the “pawn in the game.” Neither of these … Continue reading »

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Progress to Backlash

Notes from the Riverside Obama to Trump: Reconstruction Progress to Backlash What if you were born to live in these times, in this place? To be a force for calm, strength, wisdom, humor, even to sing and pray in the face of state sponsored terror, though it might mean your death? I’m talking about the … Continue reading »

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In line with the Great Blacks “My Sense of Times Intertwined Deep with the Great Blacks. Standing in my corner, ain’t no way you can fake that. No way you can shake that, No way you can take that I reckon that you pace back, and learn to embrace that.” -”Great Blacks” Georgia Anne Muldrew, A Thoughtiverse Unmarred I wanted … Continue reading »

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Shooters to Shao Lin

Originally published in Eugene Weekly Nov 12, 2015 Notes from the Riverside Shooters to Shao Lin By Mark Harris Paul Robeson once observed: “The man who accepts Western values absolutely, finds his creative faculties becoming so warped and stunted that he is almost completely dependent on external satisfactions, and the moment he becomes frustrated in … Continue reading »

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I Want My Country Back

I want my country back. I want the country where “All My Relations” whether in Lakota, Hopi, Aztec, or Taino,  meant an expanded humanity that lived in kinship with other lifeforms as relatives, not resources. That recognizes that all humans in particular, are relatives to be nurtured and cared for, not resources to be enslaved, … Continue reading »

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Rescue Yourself

Fanon wrote of Sociostructural Violence, where violence perpetrated by systems, was normalized. As a Fanonian, I don’t expect loyalty from institutions which were born and bred to betray me. Whose raison d’etre is betrayal, however much I depend on them. More recently there have been writings regarding Institutional Betrayal. When I raised the question “Why … Continue reading »

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A Luta Continua: Civil Rights Struggle @ Lane in the 21 Century

There is an inherent conflict that amounts to Civil Rights Struggle, in the on-going efforts supporting Diversity at Lane. One of those conflicts often revolves around whose rules of order should be in operation. I suggest Longhouse Rules. Longhouse Rules of Order “We bring our de-colonized human Selves into spaces that have been colonized, whose … Continue reading »

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Rites of Passage

It’s summer, and that means Rites of Passage time, when I do workshops for African-American related youth on preventing addiction and problems related to sexuality, whether or not you’re under the influence. I combine 21st Century knowledge with 25th Dynasty wisdom, i.e. African Old School. It’s keeping your spirits, your wits, and your body safe, … Continue reading »

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30 Years an Oregonian

30 Years an Oregonian   This year marks my 30th year in Oregon. To celebrate, I took in a double feature which exemplifies the two poles of my Oregonian experience. 12 Years a Slave, and Gravity. Both films, helmed by directors of color, one served to ground me in reality, while the other took me … Continue reading »

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Paul Robeson and Wiley Griffon: Two Different Role Models

This is the full version of the article published in the Eugene Weekly, on Thursday March 7th 2013. A play celebrating the life of Paul Robeson, will occur on March 8th & 10th at LCC Main Campus will benefit the Lane Community College Black Student Union, scholarship fund.Dr. Stanley Coleman a director and actor, now … Continue reading »

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