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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Finding Upstanding Citizens: Juvenile Justice Needs Equity Work

This was published in the May 6th Register Guard as a media advocacy piece. I decided to break a silence. Media Advocacy is the strategic use of the media to produce a public policy change. One cultivates a relationship with the media, and using certain pegs, formats a policy initiative in the media that the … Continue reading »

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Notes From The Riverside: You Are Not The Target, Who Is?

This is probably the piece that prompted someone to send a dead rat to someone else using my name and work address as a return address. I hope the rat was already dead when they put it in the bag. The law enforcement authorities could find no usable prints, though they did ask me if … Continue reading »

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Notes from the Riverside: Who’s Got Your Back

  Who’s got your back?   The question who “has your back” has occupied me of late. You should of course have your own back,  if people around you are incapable of doing so. When you keep your friends close, and your adversaries closer, your opponents instruct you about your vulnerabilities, optimally allowing you to … Continue reading »

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Notes From The Riverside: Skyping with The Preacher

Skyping with the Preacher   What the bleep? Oh, a Skype from the Preacher. A moment later the Skype phone rang, I adjusted for video and audio. The Preacher was rocking Ysaye Barnwell: “For each child that’s born a morning star rises and sings to the universe who we are. We are our grandmothers’ prayers. … Continue reading »

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Coffee With The Preacher

I was represented in a book by a young local author. I was referred to in the book as The Preacher, waving my “fat finger” in his face delivering a sermon on race relations, white privilege, crime and redemption. Clearly he could see I was angry. Clearly he was afraid at what I might do, … Continue reading »

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Precious Avatar

I wrote this because of two movie reviews playing opposite each other in the Eugene Weekly. Having seen both films, and also having a different experience of race than the reviewers, I had to weigh in so to speak. But gravitas does strange things. Sometimes things get put together in ways we don’t expect. Precious … Continue reading »

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Article of Faith: Notes from the Riverside

  On successive days, two people in a row asked me if I was a man of faith. A white Catholic woman, and a black dread, and really my thought was, would they recognize my faith? (Life is Suffering, All My Relations. You Suffer Because You Love What Deceives You. Do Your Best to Acquire … Continue reading »

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