Guided Pathways Dashboards Now Available

The Guided Pathways Data Team, Institutional Research, and the Guided Pathways Core Team researched, designed, and produced a set of publicly available dashboards to illustrate Lane students’ progress in nine critical areas. These metrics, known as Early Momentum Metrics (EMMs), are closely aligned with a student’s ability to persist and complete their course of study at Lane. We are pleased to announce these dashboards are now available for viewing by all Lane employees.

These dashboards originated from the Guided Pathways Data Team, which was charged with discovering which leading and lagging indicators were critical for the college to understand where students are succeeding or struggling.  This team’s work, combined with research on EMMs from the Center for Community College Research at Columbia University in New York,  allowed a team from Institutional Research to collect and visualize these data points for Lane Community College. 

To view the dashboards please visit and open the “Guided Pathways Metrics” tab to find the links to the dashboards.

The many people who worked on these dashboards are excited to provide them to you for discussion with colleagues, reflection on Lane’s success in these areas, and ways to improve for the benefit of our students.  Next term, the Guided Pathways team will be presenting these dashboards to the college community.  Watch for the announcements coming soon!


The Guided Pathways Data Team: Gina Szabady, Cathy Thomas, Ben Hill, Katy Fuller, Tricia Bolwby, Todd Matson

The Institutional Research Team: Cathy Thomas, Brandon Gibson, Ryan Ballew

The Guided Pathways Core Team: Jennifer Frei, Mindie Dieu, Edgar Rosas Alquicira, Mike Sims

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