Efficiency & Timeliness

Is the current governance system efficient in using employee time? Are the process and outcomes effective?  Does our current governance system use processes that allow employees and students to participate and contribute meaningfully? Please elaborate.

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    Spring Conference Breakout Session - May 6, 2018

    Many councils are not a good use of time
    Not enough input from various stakeholders
    Consistent lack of student participation, and only through ASLCC
    Format is intimidating to students; we need to be more accessible.
    Could there be more skill-building for students to make it less frustrating over the long haul?

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    Spring Conference Breakout Session - May 6, 2018

    We are not efficient
    We don’t create, publish nor follow timelines.

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    Spring Conference - Faculty (8) Focus Group - May 8, 2018

    No and No.
    85% of those surveyed approximately two years ago about governance confirmed no on both counts. College council did not release these results.
    Unclear what issues should go to a council and what goes through the department and ASA – problems persist and it affects students when there is slowed or no decisions made
    What is the model? If the model is not transparent and meeting needs, then a model needs to be developed to meet the indicators

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