What types of problems or issues do we currently try to solve through governance? What are the BIG problems of the college that we should be trying to solve? How do you recommend we ensure timely follow through of newly approved policies? Please elaborate.

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    Lida Herburger - May 4, 2018

    From Spring Conference:

    System integration. We do not have transparent, consistent evaluation.

    There is a lack of clear descriptions for positions. Structure is built around champions and persons for initiatives rather than responsibilities which would ensure follow-through.

    Cultural competency – tried and still
    Data use and analysis (we don’t even have a Council for this)
    Follow-through, coordination and implementation
    Planful scheduling that takes advantage of the full work day
    Scheduling of classes so that students have clear pathways and access to all the courses they need
    The governance system – dismantle and put back together in a cohesive manner

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    Spring Conference Breakout Session - May 6, 2018

    Problems are different for each council
    No follow through

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    Spring Conference Breakout Session - May 6, 2018

    There is no accountability
    There is an abdication/diffusion of responsibility

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    Spring Conference - Faculty (8) Focus Group - May 8, 2018

    When policies do not work, what is the open system by which feedback/correction can be made?
    Roles and responsibilities of 1) leadership, 2) supervision, and 3) managers need to be defined and held respectively accountable

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